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The noticeable sound of rushing air from the fan is a normal part of the cooling process on your FORM rapid charger.

The FORM battery chargers can reach 140° F. They may get warm in an enclosed area. The maximum recommended room temperature for charging batteries is 122° F. When the charger is hot, the output current will drop to protect the charger and the battery.

No. FORM's chargers float the battery voltage in the “maintenance” stage (3rd stage). This will allow you to keep your battery charger plugged in for long periods of time without “boiling the battery dry.”
NOTE: It is important to check the electrolyte level approximately every 30 days. Batteries should be filled after charging, and the electrolyte level should be even in all cells and below the fill well in each cell. If the battery plates are exposed before charging, add just enough water to cover the plates. If the battery is overfilled before charging, it may overflow during charging.

This is normal and does not affect your batteries. It is simply a function of the precision charging ensuring the charger is disconnected prior to terminating the charge cycle.

The manufactures warranty is 18 months. Instructions for registering your FORM charger are provided on a card inside of the charger box. You may return the charger up to 30 days after the date of delivery directly through Amazon.

All chargers are automatically registered for the 18 month warranty at time of purchased based on the order ID and date.

There are no serviceable components inside the charger. If you have an issue with your charger, please contact customer support at 800-674-3676

For returns, please contact customer support by calling 800-674-3676 or via email at